All of the below mentioned brands share the same core values which are very important to us. 

Sustanable, handprinted fairware with a reasonable prisepoint are the keygoals for all of our products.

Also, we like to use modern shapes and cuts within the guidelines of each brand.

During the printing process, all of the utilised colours on all apparel is waterbased.

The garments themselves are carefully selected with a responsible mindset.  


Since day one this brand is striving to produce quality and colorful clothing inspired by urban environments and various subcultures


Our very own silkscreen maufacturing department, printing products tailored to your corporate and personal requirements


This brand has it's very own focus on a dynamic and functional sportswear collection for all the fun and sporty activities


The real centerpiece of every subculture which is cool, fascinating and interesting at the same time is the T-Shirt. 

A worn out bandshirt, your favourite restaurant, your dearest cartoon or a design of a creative artist..

The T-Shirt is a real and established everyday staple and ours is cozy and comfortable enough to comfort you for a long time.

In addition Philthy also supplies you with the best hoodies in the game for the next chilling summernight or your

typical Sunday hangout.


A healthy life is all about the balance between unleashed power and unbedded rest phases. Our take on activewear is the perfect apparel while you are enjoying the powerful and active time of your ventures. No matter if your on the stands at your favorite sports event or taking part in one of those heartfelt games on your own. We equip you with-a-perfect fit, dynamic prints and modern, innovative garment solutions for the right feeling on your body. 


Organic cotton and waterbased colours without chemicals printed by hand are our mission.

For ourselves it is very important that our environment doesn't get seriously damaged by what we do. 

We therefore continuously think over every product and optimise each step of your production process.

While improving our own processes, with SIEBDRUCKMANUFAKTUR 030 we invite you to share our principles. 

So, with this branch of the company we offer you the option to create and order your self-customized merchandise. Makes it easy for you to create a new brand and/ or high-quality products based on a good and healty mindset. 

No matter if you already have an established Corporate Identity and ready-to-print designs or you just have the idea to create something lasting for your customers. We are here to assist you on every step of the way.